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Syria Public Holidays

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Public holidays in Syria are referred to as “official holidays,” many of which are based on Islamic tradition. Although some holidays are based on Islamic cultural beliefs, many holidays commemorate victories achieved during Syria’s ongoing struggle for political and religious freedom.

Syria recognises New Year’s Day and the March 8 Revolution, celebrating the seizure of power by the Baath Party. Syria also recognizes Gregorian Easter; Julian Easter and Labour Day. Additional political holidays include Martyrs’ Day, a celebration of the anniversary of the execution of Syrian nationalists by the Turks; Armed Forces Day; October Liberatory War, commemorating the Yom Kippur War and Christmas Day.

According to Syrian labour laws, all employees are entitled to at least 13 paid holidays per year. In the event an employee is required to work on an official holiday, compensation is paid at the regular daily wage in addition to double the wage, amounting to triple wages. If an official holiday falls on a weekly paid rest day, workers are entitled to a replacement day on the first working day after the holiday.

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