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Revolution Day

Revolution Day 2020 and 2021 in Syria

In Syria, 8 March is Revolution Day to commemorate the 1963 take over of Syria by the Baath Party. 

20208 MarSunRevolution Day
20218 MarMonRevolution Day

A coup was staged on 8 March 1963 by Ziad al Hariri and the Baath Party. Originally, it was going to be launched on 7 March, but when that plot was discovered by authorities, it was simply moved to the next day.

The revolution came only two years after Syria ended its brief union with Egypt and at the tail end of a long series of coups stretching from 1945 – when Syria gained independence from France – to 1963. The Baath Party has retained power ever since. Hafez Assad ruled from 1971 to 2000, and his son Bashar al-Assad has ruled since 2000.

There were many social and political changes that came with the revolution, but constitutional freedoms were suspended and never restored. This is a holiday to commemorate the beginning of the ruling party coming to power.