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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Syria

Mother’s Day comes on 21 March in Syria. Every year, coinciding with the beginning of spring weather, Syrians remember their mothers and all they mean to them and to society in general.

202421 MarThuMother's Day
202521 MarFriMother's Day
202621 MarSatMother's Day
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In Syria, it’s traditional to have a great family feast every Mother’s Day and for children to give their mothers gifts, cards, and expressions of their affection and appreciation.

Mothers are also given bouquets of flowers. And it’s a tradition for kids to dance with their Mums and for people to visit their mothers on Mother’s Day. Those who can’t be there will make a Happy Mother’s Day Call to express their love over the phone.

Finally, there is a very interesting tradition where both Syrians and Israelis are permitted on 21 March by both sides’ armies to stand at the foot of “Shouting Hill” and shout out “Happy Mother’s Day” to their Moms who wait listening for the reverberating echo at the hill’s top.

Previous Years

202321 MarTueMother's Day
202221 MarMonMother's Day
202121 MarSunMother's Day
202021 MarSatMother's Day
201921 MarThuMother's Day
201821 MarWedMother's Day
201721 MarTueMother's Day