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Independence Day

Independence Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Syria

Syria celebrates its Independence Day every 17 April in remembrance of the date that French troops left the country in 1946.

202217 AprSunIndependence Day
202317 AprMonIndependence Day
202417 AprWedIndependence Day
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As the Ottoman Empire, which had long ruled Syria, was falling apart toward the end of World War I, the British and French agreed to divide the spoils. Syria went to France under the Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916. After putting down a revolt in 1920, France ruled Syria until conquered by the Nazis in 1940. Then Syria fell under Vichy French control. But the Free French reconquered Syria in 1941.

Syria declared independence in 1941, but that was not recognised until 1944. Syria even became a founding member of the UN in 1945, but French troops did not completely leave until 17 April, 1946.

Previous Years

202117 AprSatIndependence Day
202017 AprFriIndependence Day
201917 AprWedIndependence Day
201817 AprTueIndependence Day
201717 AprMonIndependence Day