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New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day 2025 and 2026 in Syria

Syria celebrates New Year’s Day with a public holiday every 1 January, as does most of the rest of the world. However, the celebrations really begin on New Year’s Eve and reach a high point with the turning of the clock from 11:59pm on 31 December to midnight on 1 January.

20251 JanWedNew Year's Day
20261 JanThuNew Year's Day
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New Year’s Day is a time of resolutions and starting fresh for some, while for others it is spent recovering from a big, late night spent with friends and family.

For the 10 percent or so of Syrians who are Christian, New Year’s Day on 1 January is the culmination of a festive season that began with December Solstice on 21 December and then Christmas Day on 25 December. Both of the former are also national holidays in Syria.

Christmas is a time of shopping, church-attendance, and in-home parties. New Year’s Eve is a time for remembering the past and looking forward to the future.

Previous Years

20241 JanMonNew Year's Day
20231 JanSunNew Year's Day
20221 JanSatNew Year's Day
20211 JanFriNew Year's Day
20201 JanWedNew Year's Day
20191 JanTueNew Year's Day
20181 JanMonNew Year's Day
20171 JanSunNew Year's Day