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Tishreen Liberation Day

Tishreen Liberation Day 2019 and 2020

Tishreen Liberation Day is a public holiday in Syria. Tishreen is the Arabic word referring to the Gregorian month of October. Thus, the October War when Syria tried to retake the Golan Heights from Israel is referred to as “Tishreen Liberation”.

20196 OctSunTishreen Liberation Day
20206 OctTueTishreen Liberation Day

Between 6 and 25 October, 1973, Syria, Egypt, and other Arab Muslim states assaulted Israel in an attempt to destroy the Jewish state, which they saw as an occupying force.

Israel launched a pre-emptive air strike against Egyptian forces massing at their border, having sure knowledge that an attack was imminent. This air strike wiped out most of the Egyptian air force on the ground and was a major setback to all the Arab states attacking Israel.

Syria initially plowed into the Golan Heights, but after three days of intense fighting, they were pushed back out. At that point, Israel plowed deep into Syria and even shelled suburbs of Damascus with artillery fire.

Despite the negative end to the war for Syria, Tishreen Liberation Day is celebrated to remember the initial gains and because of the continuing desire of some in Syria to retake the Golan Heights.