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Armenia Public Holidays

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Armenia currently celebrates 15 national holidays. However, it is not unusual for Armenians to enjoy 18 or more national holidays each year based on government announcements for one-time non-working holidays.

Armenia is traditionally an Orthodox Christian country and uses the Orthodox calendar and celebrates specific religious holidays on different dates than many other Christian sects. It should be noted that Armenia does not take any national holidays for Easter, but the government often declares right before Easter that Easter Monday will be recognised as a holiday that year.

It is also not uncommon for the government of Armenia to declare one-time holidays to bridge holidays that occur on a Tuesday or Thursday so that there is a 4 day weekend celebration. In some cases, the government will announce that the day off must be replaced by a Saturday work day.

Public holidays in Armenia are regulated by Article 117 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. This Article provides the official holidays and gives the government the authority to grant additional dates. It is unknown if Armenians receive payment for holidays from their employer.

It should be noted that Armenia celebrates an extended New Year and Christmas celebration based on when they officially recognise Christmas. Employers and government offices are often closed during this period. Employees that are required to work during this time will either receive premium pay for their work or days off in lieu of the holiday based on their employment contracts.

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