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Victory and Peace Day

Victory and Peace Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Armenia

In both Armenia and the neighbouring (largely unrecognised) republic of Artsakh, Victory and Peace Day is a public holiday. It commemorates the great victory of Armenian forces over Azerbaijan in the Battle of Shushi on 9 May 1992.

20239 MayTueVictory and Peace Day
20249 MayThuVictory and Peace Day
20259 MayFriVictory and Peace Day
20269 MaySatVictory and Peace Day
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Nagorno-Karabakh used to be a special district in the USSR, and it had been at different points a part of Armenian SSR and of Azerbaijan SSR. But the majority of its residents are ethnically Armenian, and it is physically located next to Armenia, while being physically separated from Azerbaijan.

When the USSR fell, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) ended up declaring its independence, along with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, however, soon had control over it, and a war with both Artsakh and Armenia immediately erupted.

On 8 May 1992, Armenian forces led an operation into the strategic town of Shushi, which is situated on the “high ground” of the region. They called the operation “Wedding in the Mountains”, and the battle raged for two days. But on 9 May, Armenia emerged victorious, and from Shushi, their armies were able to liberate all of Artsakh.

Previous Years

20229 MayMonVictory and Peace Day
20219 MaySunVictory and Peace Day
20209 MaySatVictory and Peace Day
20199 MayThuVictory and Peace Day
20189 MayWedVictory and Peace Day
20179 MayTueVictory and Peace Day