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Armenian Remembrance Day

Armenian Remembrance Day 2025 and 2026 in Armenia

Every 24 April, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day is observed in Armenia and by Armenians all over the world.

202524 AprThuArmenian Remembrance Day
202624 AprFriArmenian Remembrance Day
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It was on 24 April, 1915 that the Armenian Genocide began with the deportation of a group of Armenian intellectuals from Istanbul. Millions of Armenians were systematically slaughtered in a pre-planned effort by the Turkish government.

The killings continued until 1923, but the first commemoration by survivors was already held on 24 April, 1919. The date quickly became established as the day to commemorate the Armenian Genocide so that it would never be forgotten.

In Armenia, 24 April was declared Armenian Remembrance Day even while under Soviet control, and it is still a public holiday in modern Armenia. Every year, throngs of people come to Yerevan to visit the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial and to lay down flowers at the site of the “eternal flame”.

Previous Years

202424 AprWedArmenian Remembrance Day
202324 AprMonArmenian Remembrance Day