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Azerbaijan Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Azerbaijan and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Azerbaijan celebrates 12 national holidays each year. One of these holidays is five days in length and always occurs during the week so that two weekends can be added to the celebration. A few of the other national holidays celebrated are also multi-day events.

All laws regarding public holidays are regulated under the Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Section 5, Division 15, Articles 105 – 109 regulate which days are considered public holidays, how employees are to be treated for these dates, and special conditions.

Article 105 establishes the national holidays celebrated in Azerbaijan. All of these holidays are non-working days. On the multi day celebrations, employees are entitled to at least one day off, except for Novruz, when they are entitled to two days.

Article 106 establishes the Day of Mourning as a non-working commemorative day. Sections 107 and 108 establish that employers are required to allow employees off an hour earlier the day before a national holiday.

Article 109 states that all employees who are required to work on a public holiday will be given the choice of another day off or should be paid at double their regular rate. Anyone required to work on the National Day of Mourning must be paid double their hourly wages.

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