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Salvation Day

Salvation Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Azerbaijan

Every 15 June is National Salvation Day in Azerbaijan, or just “Salvation Day” for short. It is a public holiday in place since 1997 that marks the day in 1993 when a potentially long and bloody civil war was narrowly averted.

202415 JunSatSalvation Day
17 JunMonSalvation Day Holiday
202515 JunSunSalvation Day
16 JunMonSalvation Day Holiday
202615 JunMonSalvation Day
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A rebellion broke out on 4 June of 1993, wherein the rebels demanded the ousting of the sitting Parliamentary Speaker and the Prime Minister. The rebels took over the city of Ganja and then marched toward the capital city of Baku.

However, Heydar Aliyev was invited to become head of state, which he did. And then Aliyev managed to conduct talks with the rebels and convince them his administration would be acceptable to them. The result was that the civil war ended abruptly.

Every 15 June, a military and veterans parade takes place. The soldiers salute the president as they march past him. And the president also gives an important speech on the need for national unity, which is aired on TV and radio all over the country.

On Salvation Day, many businesses close down, and people hold festive parties with friends and relatives, at which great feasts are enjoyed. In Baku, an elaborate fireworks display is put on along the Caspian Sea. And in remote mountainous regions, there are festivals in which people don traditional dress and dance or play games representative of the local culture.

Previous Years

202315 JunThuSalvation Day
202215 JunWedSalvation Day