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Flag Day

Flag Day 2019 and 2020

The Day of the State Flag of Azerbaijan, or “Flag Day” for short, is celebrated every 9 November, and looks back to the day in 1918 when the national flag was first officially adopted.

20199 NovSatFlag Day
11 NovMonFlag Day Holiday
20209 NovMonFlag Day

During the confusion of Czarist Russia’s defeat in World War I and the ensuing Civil War between Red and White Russians, Azerbaijan took the opportunity to declare itself an independent nation and fly their own flag over the parliament building. But, alas, by 1920, Azerbaijan was forced to become a part of the USSR.

After the fall of the USSR and the regaining of Azerbaijani independence in 1991, the old flag was again raised proudly over the capital building in Baku. And in 2009, a presidential decree made Flag Day an official public holiday and day of rest for Azerbaijan’s workers.

The flag of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width, the top stripe blue, the middle stripe red, and the lower stripe green. Blue is meant to stand for the nation’s Turkic heritage, red for “modernisation”, and green for adherence to Islam. A white crescent moon is in the centre of the flag, along with a white, eight-pointed star.

The gigantic flag of Azerbaijan waving in front of National Flag Square in Baku ranks among the largest in the world. And just below, you’ll find the National Flag Museum, where you can learn more about the flag’s origins and about the whole history of Azerbaijan.