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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Oman. Please scroll down to view.

The Sultanate of Oman is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is a complete monarchy and all public holidays are established by the Sultan. Oman currently celebrates 8 national holidays, with two of these holidays spanning over several days. The Sultan releases a statement at the end of each year stating what days the holidays will be on the following year.

Oman is a predominately Muslim nation and a majority of their holidays are based on their faith. Many of these holidays will fall on different days each year because the celebration is based on a lunar cycle instead of a specific date. The Sultan has reserved the right to add days of celebration to any holiday that falls on the weekend.

It should be noted that weekends are celebrated in Oman on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week and not a day of rest.

Under the Labor Code, Chapter 2 Article 65, all employees are entitled to a paid day off for nationally recognised holidays. If, due to the nature of the position, the employee cannot take the day off, they must be paid their regular rate of pay plus 25 percent or given a different day off with pay. The Labor Code states that any worker that is on vacation when a holiday occurs is not entitled to any special pay or guaranteed replacement days off for that holiday.

Private, Religious, and Ethnic Holidays

The Sultanate of Oman is nearly 100 percent Muslim and there is little indication of any other types of religious holidays celebrated in this country. Since Oman does bring in foreign workers for some positions, there may be private or cultural celebrations that occur within these sects. However, it is common practice for Oman employers to only bring in foreign workers that practice the Muslim faith.

Public Holidays 2017

24 AprMonThe Prophet's Ascension
25 JunSunEid al Fitri Holiday
26 JunMonEid al Fitri Holiday
27 JunTueEid al Fitri Holiday
28 JunWedEid al Fitri Holiday
23 JulSunRenaissance Day
1 SepFriFeast of Sacrifice
2 SepSatFeast of Sacrifice
3 SepSunFeast of Sacrifice
4 SepMonFeast of Sacrifice
21 SepThuIslamic New Year
18 NovSatOman National Day
30 NovThuThe Prophet's Birthday