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Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 2019 and 2020

Yemen observes Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday as a national public holiday each year on the twelfth day of the third Islamic month, the month of Rabi al Awwal. That’s the date, at least, for two-thirds of the population who are Sunni. The one-third who follow Shia Islam keep Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday on the seventeenth of Rabi instead.

20199 NovSatProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202029 OctThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday

There are great gatherings in the capital city of Sanaa for Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, and there may be parades and other public celebrations. The Sufi sect is especially energetic in celebrating this holiday with song and dance, but almost all Muslims observe it one way or another.

Neighbouring Saudi Arabia, however, following the Wahabi sect, does not see it as proper to celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday since it is considered an “innovation”.