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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jordan

On 25 May, Jordan celebrates its Independence Day to remember the day in 1946 when the country was freed from British control.

202425 MaySatIndependence Day
202525 MaySunIndependence Day
202625 MayMonIndependence Day
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The day is marked by special symposiums at colleges and universities, special services at both mosques and churches, and grand fireworks displays. Given the long, hard struggle to obtain Jordanian independence, Independence Day is a much-celebrated event in Jordan.

After being freed from hundreds of years of domination by the Ottoman Empire after World War I, Jordan and what is now the state of Israel were both part of British Palestine. But soon, in 1922, what is now Jordan was sectioned off and called “Transjordan” because it was that part of the British Mandate of Palestine that lie east of the Jordan River.

Transjordan had a degree of autonomy within the British Empire even when it was first created in 1922, but it was not until after World War II that full independence finally came.

Previous Years

202325 MayThuIndependence Day
202225 MayWedIndependence Day