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Jordan Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Jordan and start planning to make the most of your time off.

The Kingdom of Jordan has specific national and bank holidays that are honoured with a day off from work. The two nationally recognised holidays (public holidays of political and social significance) fall on the same dates each year. If these dates fall on a Jordanian weekend (Friday and Saturday), the holiday is observed the day before the weekend for an extended time off.

Muslim holidays that are observed by the Bank of Jordan are observed on dates released by the bank each year based on the Muslim calendar. The Christian holiday that is recognised by the Kingdom (Christmas) is on specific dates only.

Under Jordan’s Labor Laws, anyone who is required to work on a holiday is subject to receiving pay in the amount of time and one quarter per hour of their regular wage. If this time is also overtime – i.e. over 48 hours in a work week – the worker is entitled to receive pay at the rate of time and one half of their hourly wage.

The Jordanian Prime Minister also has the authority to announce a public holiday in the events of dangerous weather conditions or natural disasters.

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