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Easter 2025 and 2026 in Jordan

In Jordan, Easter is known by its Arabic designation of “Eid Al Fiseh Al Atheem” and is an official holiday observed by Christian only.

202520 AprSunEaster Sunday *
21 AprMonEaster Monday *
20265 AprSunEaster Sunday *
6 AprMonEaster Monday *
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Note: Easter holidays are observed by Christians only

As recently as 1950, 30 percent of Jordanians were Christian. But due to emigration of Christians and immigration of Muslims, that number has dwindled down to six percent. This is still more than in most Arab countries, however, and there is relative toleration of Christians.

Most Christians in Jordan are of the Greek Orthodox tradition, but there are also a number of Syrian, Coptic, and Armenian Orthodox, Eastern and Latin Rite Catholics, and a small group of Protestants. Each of these groups will celebrate Easter according to their own denomination’s traditions, but recently, nearly all of them have agreed to celebrate on the Orthodox date of Easter rather than the Western date.

Orthodox believers, Catholics, and numerous pilgrims will gather during Holy Week for special services at local churches. The sufferings, death, burial, and Resurrection of Christ are remembered through Scripture readings, liturgies, prayer vigils, choral and congregational singing, and by symbolic representations of Christ’s Passion and victory over death.

Important dates include: Palm Sunday, when Jesus is believed to have entered Jerusalem amid cries of “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!;” Holy Thursday, the date of the Last Supper and the arrest in Gethsemane; Good Friday, when Christ died on a Roman cross; Holy Saturday, when his body lay still in the tomb; and Easter Sunday, when he arose in triumph from the grave. Each of these dates are marked with special services, and some also celebrate on the Monday following Easter.

Previous Years

202431 MarSunEaster Sunday *
1 AprMonEaster Monday *
20239 AprSunEaster Sunday *
10 AprMonEaster Monday *