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Democracy and National Solidarity Day

Democracy and National Solidarity Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Turkey

Democracy and National Solidarity Day is a Turkish public holiday that occurs every 15 July. It was declared as recently as 2016, after the failed coup attempt by a part of the Turkish Armed Forces that took place on that date.

202415 JulMonDemocracy and National Solidarity Day
202515 JulTueDemocracy and National Solidarity Day
202615 JulWedDemocracy and National Solidarity Day
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Part of the army rebelled and tried to take over parts of the capital city of Ankara and specific areas of certain other cities as well. The revolt occurred while President Erdogan was on vacation, but nonetheless, it failed.

Most of the army and all of the national police remained loyal to the government, and the rebels began to surrender within a day’s time. After the coup, a purge was conducted to root out suspected rebel sympathisers in the military, police, and civil services.

President Erdogan had 15 July established as Democracy and National Solidarity Day, or Democracy and Freedom Day, in December of 2016, not long after the failed coup attempt that had attempted to overthrow him.

Events of the day include special memorial services to the armed forces members, policemen, and others who took part in putting down the coup but were killed during the conflict. Clearly, this is a controversial holiday since there were those in Turkey who sympathised with the rebels, but the majority, at least, seem to have supported the sitting government.

Previous Years

202315 JulSatDemocracy and National Solidarity Day
202215 JulFriDemocracy and National Solidarity Day