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Resistance and Liberation Day

Resistance and Liberation Day 2025 and 2026 in Lebanon

Lebanon observes Resistance and Liberation Day to mark the end of the twenty-two year long occupation of southern Lebanon by the Israeli armed forces. This is relatively recent holiday, having been declared only in 2000 right after the last Israeli soldiers withdrew from southern Lebanon on 25 May of that year.

202525 MaySunResistance and Liberation Day
202625 MayMonResistance and Liberation Day
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When Israel withdrew in 2000, there were thousands of Lebanese who celebrated and crowded around public buildings in what had formerly been a persistent war zone. And many family members who had been displaced returned to the region.

On Resistance and Liberation Day, there are typically political rallies, speeches, and other events aimed at remembering the past occupation and the fact that it ended. Some of these events are educational, while others are aimed at garnering public support for reconstruction efforts.

Previous Years

202412 MaySunResistance and Liberation Day
202314 MaySunResistance and Liberation Day