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Victory Day

Victory Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Iraq

Victory Day is celebrated every 10 December in Iraq. This is one of the country’s newest national holidays. It commemorates the defeat of ISIS, an extremist, Islamic, rebel uprising in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, in December of 2017.

202410 DecTueVictory Day
202510 DecWedVictory Day
202610 DecThuVictory Day
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After beginning to take ground in northeastern Syria, ISIS spilled over the Iraqi border in the year 2014. They soon took control over the northern third or so of Iraq, including the important city of Mosul. The US, Europe, and other nations sent aid to Iraq as they struggled against the brutal ISIS fighters. Every town they retook required a bloody, prolonged conflict since the enemy was not keen on surrender or on following “the rules of war“ set forth in the Geneva Convention, for example.

Oddly enough, both Russia and the US, and both NATO and Iran, joined in the struggle to defeat ISIS. The group was so extreme that political enemies around the globe all agreed that they must be defeated. Who would take the credit for destroying ISIS was the only bone of contention.

The final ISIS forces were driven out of Iraq on 10 December, 2017, and that is the reason for the date of Victory Day. However, there were still hidden guerrilla groups that lingered on. This day only marked the defeat of the “out in the open“ ISIS forces.

Victory Day is the scene of military parades and other patriotic events throughout Iraq. The radio and TV are full of celebratory programming.

Previous Years

202310 DecSunVictory Day
202210 DecSatVictory Day