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Spring Day

Spring Day 2025 and 2026 in Iraq

In the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq, “Spring Day” is a major holiday kept up by the Kurdish people living there.

202521 MarFriSpring Day
202621 MarSatSpring Day
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It is also called “Nowruz” and is the celebration of the ancient Persian New Year. Since Kurds are ethnically, linguistically, and culturally related to Iranians, they also celebrate Nowruz but often called it Spring Day because it is considered the first day of spring.

Nowruz also has Zoroastrian roots, but as most modern celebrants are Muslims, this is not considered too important. The date of Spring Day is normally 21 March, but it is based on the Iranian Calendar and can fall anywhere from 20 to 22 March on the Gregorian Calendar.

On Spring Day, Kurds and any others choosing to celebrate it in Iraq will don their best clothes and go out to enjoy the spring weather. Women will wear brightly coloured clothes on this day. Some people will jump over fires, dance, and blast out both traditional and modern music.

Previous Years

202421 MarThuSpring Day
202321 MarTueSpring Day