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Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari

Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Iran

Iran observes Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari Day on the eighth day of the Islamic month of Rabi Al Awwal. This holiday remembers the life and death of the eleventh Imam.

202412 SepThuMartyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari
20251 SepMonMartyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari
202622 AugSatMartyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari
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Hassan gained the name “Asgari”, which in Arabic means “military”, because he spent much of his reign in the fortified town of Samarra. Hassan was born into an inter-Islam conflict between his father, the previous Imam, and the Caliph. He spent much of his life under house arrest in Samarra to prevent him from encouraging the spread of Shia Islam, as opposed to Sunni Islam.

While in Samarra, Hassan Asgari delved into the study of the Koran, Sharia law, and of foreign languages. After being a captive Imam for around six years, it is believed he was poisoned to death by order of the Caliph or died from illness.

Previous Years

202324 SepSunMartyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari
20225 OctWedMartyrdom of Imam Hassan Asgari