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Martyrdom of Imam Ali

Martyrdom of Imam Ali 2020 and 2021 in Iran

Martyrdom of Imam Ali is a national holiday in Iran This is the anniversary of the death day of Ali the son of Abu Talib, who is believed by Shiites to be the rightful first Imam of all Islam. The holiday is celebrated on 21 Ramadan, but its date varies on the Gregorian Calendar from year to year.

202014 MayThuMartyrdom of Imam Ali
20212 MaySunMartyrdom of Imam Ali

The son of Muhammad’s daughter Fatima, and also the first male convert to Islam due to the preaching of Muhammad, Ali is a key figure for all Muslims the world over.

Ali became Caliph over the lands conquered by Muhammad and Uthman, his predecessors, in A.D. 656, but he was killed with a poison-laced sword by an assassin only five years later. He died two days later.

People in Iran take a day off and take time to remember Imam Ali on this holiday each year. They may also pray, read the Koran, and attend special meetings in their local mosque.