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Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemah

Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemah 2020 in Iran

Every 3 Jumada Al-thani in Iran is a public holiday called Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemah. It is set on the martyrdom anniversary day of Fatemah, daughter of Muhammad, according to the Islamic Calendar. The date varies from year to year on the Western Calendar.

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The holiday is actually observed for the first three days of the month, with the actual holiday date being on the third day. The main events are mourning ceremonies that are held all over Iran and in other countries where there are significant Shia Muslim populations.

Fatemah was not only a daughter of Muhammad but also the wife of Imam Ali, whom Shiites regard as the first true Imam. Then, Fatemah also became the mother of the second and third Imams. Thus, she played multiple important roles in early Muslim history and is looked up to as an example of virtue and of all that women in Islam should strive to become.

Additional facts about Fatemah to be aware of include: she married Muhammad’s cousin, who was the first Islamic convert; she was the daughter of Muhammad’s first wife, Khadijah; and she provided the only line of descent from Muhammad, which became the Fatimid Dynasty.

Shiites believe that Fatemah was killed just a few months after Muhammad died by Umar, who then usurped the position of Caliph. Every year, Iranians and other Shiites go on processions and perform mourning ceremonies to remember Fatemah.