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Khordad National Uprising

Khordad National Uprising 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Iran

Khordad National Uprising is a national holiday in Iran that comes on the fifteenth day of the month Kordad on the Islamic Calendar. The date on the Gregorian, or “Western”, Calendar migrates forward by 10 or 11 days every year.

20245 JunWedKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20255 JunThuKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20265 JunFriKhordad National Uprising (1963)
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The reason for the holiday is to commemorate a series of protests during 1963 that eventually contributed to the establishment of the current “Islamic Republic”. It began when the pro-Western Shah, ruler of Iran, had Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini arrested for making derogatory comments against the government, the US, Israel, and others.

The arrest of Khomeini led to gigantic street protests, which turned violent and led to some deaths. The armed forces and police killed protestors in various cities in Iran, and Khomeini was sent into exile. For the time being, the Shah had won. But 15 years later, Khomeini returned, overthrew the Shah’s government, and set up the Islamic Republic.

Thus, people today look back to the Khordad National Uprising as a pivotal point in the current regime’s eventual rise to power.

Previous Years

20235 JunMonKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20225 JunSunKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20215 JunSatKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20204 JunThuKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20195 JunWedKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20185 JunTueKhordad National Uprising (1963)
20175 JunMonKhordad National Uprising (1963)