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Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution 2021, 2022 and 2023 in Iran

In The Islamic Republic of Iran, the overthrow of the Pahlavi Dynasty during the Islamic Revolution of 1979 is enshrined in the memory of the people by a national holiday.

202110 FebWedAnniversary of the Islamic Revolution
202211 FebFriAnniversary of the Islamic Revolution
202311 FebSatAnniversary of the Islamic Revolution
202411 FebSunAnniversary of the Islamic Revolution

Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is the culmination of a 10-day celebration that mirrors the 10-day revolution from 1 February to 11 February of 1979. However, the date is based on the Iranian Solar Hijri calendar, scheduled on the twenty-second day of the month of Bahman, so the date shifts from year to year on the Western Calendar.

Ayatollah Khomeini, who led the revolution, entered the capital city of Tehran on 1 February and began fomenting discontent. Uprisings increased in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran, until Iran fell into Khomeini’s hands by 11 February.

On Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, many march to Azadi Tower in Tehran, re-enacting the march of rebels to that tower back in 1979. Many also put Iran’s flag on display, put up posters of Khomeini, or chant revolutionary slogans.

The government of Iran greatly promotes Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Day since it celebrates the revolution that brought them into power. But even people feeling at odds with the current government of Iran may celebrate because the revolution overthrew the monarchy and is seen as pro-Islam.