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Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai Liberation Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Egypt

Every 25 April is a public holiday in Egypt called Sinai Liberation Day. The holiday remembers the return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egyptian control after the withdrawal of Israeli forces in 1982.

202425 AprThuSinai Liberation Day
202525 AprFriSinai Liberation Day
202625 AprSatSinai Liberation Day
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It was after Egypt mobilised in preparation to attack Israel in 1967 that Israel launched a pre-emptive strike in the Sinai, devastating Egypt’s air force especially. Israel soon conquered the Sinai all the way up to the Suez Canal. Israeli forces remained in the Sinai for 15 years, but finally, they withdrew and let the region return to Egypt.

Between 1967 and 1970 there was an attempt to put pressure on Israel to leave Sinai through the “War of Attrition” and a refusal to negotiate. But that attempts failed. Another attempt to retake the Sinai occurred in 1973 but also failed. In 1975 an agreement between Israel and Egypt, and later a treaty signed in 1979, allowed for the gradual return of the Sinai region to Egyptian control.

Previous Years

202325 AprTueSinai Liberation Day
202225 AprMonSinai Liberation Day
202125 AprSunSinai Liberation Day
202025 AprSatSinai Liberation Day
201925 AprThuSinai Liberation Day
201825 AprWedSinai Liberation Day
201725 AprTueSinai Liberation Day