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30 June Revolution Day

30 June Revolution Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Egypt

30 June Revolution Day commemorates the massive protests that erupted in Egypt on that date in 2013 against president Morsi, who had been elected following the ouster of president Mubarak in the 2011 revolution. Now, due to very unpopular measures taken by Morsi as president, he also was ousted in the 2013 revolution.

202030 JunTue30 June Revolution Day
202130 JunWed30 June Revolution Day
202230 JunThu30 June Revolution Day
202330 JunFri30 June Revolution Day
202430 JunSun30 June Revolution Day

The attempt of Morsi to seize extra powers towards the end of 2012, along with economic turmoil, led some 14 million people protesting him and, finally, to a successful coup on 3 July, 2013.

The people who tend to celebrate 30 June Revolution may tend not to celebrate 25 January Revolution, and vice versa. Only 23 July Revolution Day is widely celebrated by all sides.

In years when 30 June comes on a Friday or Saturday, which is the weekend in Egypt, 30 June Revolution will be observed on either the Thursday before or the Sunday following.