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Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Bahrain

In Bahrain, the Muslim population includes large numbers of both Shiites and Sunnnis. This means that some people will be celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday on 12 Rabiul Awal (the Sunni calculation), and others will observe it five days later on 17 Rabiul Awal (the Shiite calculation). However, the official public holiday is celebrated according to Sunni reckoning.

202327 SepWedProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202415 SepSunProphet Muhammad's Birthday
20254 SepThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202625 AugTueProphet Muhammad's Birthday
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Only a small minority object to the celebration of the prophet’s birthday, and despite the date differences, both main sects of Islam celebrate the holiday about the same way: with parades, storytelling, decorations on homes and public buildings, and attendance at special mosque services.

The people of Bahrain take Friday and Saturday as their weekend, so if Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday falls on a Thursday or Sunday, it will create a welcome three consecutive days off work for Bahrain’s labour force.

Previous Years

20228 OctSatProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202118 OctMonProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202029 OctThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday
20199 NovSatProphet Muhammad's Birthday
201820 NovTueProphet Muhammad's Birthday
201730 NovThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday