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Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Bahrain

Islamic New Year is a public holiday for all people in Bahrain, where 70 per cent of the population are Muslim.

20247 JulSunIslamic New Year
202526 JunThuIslamic New Year
202616 JunTueIslamic New Year
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The majority of Muslims in Bahrain are Shiites, and Islamic New Year is therefore commemorated differently to neighbouring Sunni-majority countries. During the early days of Muharram, you will see Shiite events in the streets throughout Bahrain.

Many in Bahrain will fast and mourn over the martyrdom of Muhammad’s grandson Husayn Ibn Ali on 10 Muharram, a day called “Ashura.” Actually, the fasting often begins on Awal (first) Muharram and continues till Ashura (tenth) Muharram.

The new Islamic year begins with a time of reflection and attention to prayer, the Koran, and avoiding sinful practices. Also, the name of the month of Muharram means “forbidden” because it is forbidden to fight or war this time of year.

Previous Years

202319 JulWedIslamic New Year
202230 JulSatIslamic New Year